“Being in Nature” in September

Being in Nature

Being in nature is different in every season. In spring, all the leaves and young herbs come out fresh. In summer, it can be dry and hot, and we are surrounded by buzzing insects.

And at the end of September?

At the end of September it can happen that it all of a sudden gets unexpectantly cold, that it rains half of the time, and that we seem to be limited in our activities. In addition, it also gets dark earlier, which means we can use much less of the day. All of this happened to us at the last “Nature and Being” retreat in the forest. And even though it may sound to many that it was a failure, it was not.

When it is raining and wet, we learn much more directly and deeply the value of fire. Also, there is a very different atmosphere in the forest. Then we do not do very much, and sit more, and observe. It can also happen – as it did this time – that we can observe wild animals much closer. We actually had a hare hobble directly through camp. Very relaxed and comfortable. And it took them quite some time until they noticed us!

The gifts of fall

At the end of September the leaves are already changing color. This allows us to walk through a vineyard, radiant in all autumn colors, which is directly adjacent to the forest. And maybe even steal one or two forgotten grapes.

Then it can also happen that we wake up to the words: “Wow, I haven’t slept that long in ages”. Simply because it is getting dark earlier again, and without artificial light we are living more according to the rhythms of nature.

So just being out in nature doesn’t just mean that we enjoy everything and that everything is wildly romantic and beautiful like on polished Instagram pictures. Being IN nature means immersing, connecting, and letting go. Getting to know yourself more deeply. Getting to know a life that is more directly connected to our basic needs than we usually experience in everyday life.

And yes, that’s a challenge, too.

It can easily happen that you get to now your limits. But at the same time, the forest and the space is there to support you in accepting yourself exactly as you are right now. Without judgement, without an idea of how it should be.

Being wild is not just running through the forest with full energy, screaming loudly, or dancing without constraints. To be wild is to arrive at oneself, and to do and express all that we normally don’t allow ourselves. This can be loud or quiet, big or small.

All this brings us closer to our true self, our essence.

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  1. As a participant I felt that Elisabeth is a great coach . You realise how much you learnt once the whole experience is over simply because you practically learn EVERY SINGLE MOMENT . For me everything right from tent pitching , to collecting wood to make fire , preparing food , sleeping in the tent at night , feeling the forest during the day , including animal spots , spider webs and wild mushrooms was all alien to me until now , but is very much a part of me ever since . Thank you Elisabeth for making this possible for me .

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